West Los Angeles
2020 Spring League - West Los Angeles

What is World TeamTennis?
WTT is co-ed teams competing in a format that consists of 6 no-ad sets. One set each of men's and women's doubles followed by men's and women's singles, ending with 2 sets of mixed doubles. Total games won from all sets determines the winner. Substitutions and coaching are allowed during the match. Click here to view WTT Rules
What is a WTT team?
A team must have a minimum of two men and two women. There is a no player maximum for local league play and a 10 player maximum at national qualifiers and nationals.
Who can play?
Adults, 18 & over using current NTRP ratings. Self-rated players must be approved by the league coordinator.

Refer to the Code of Conduct below for more information.
When do leagues start?
Play begins shortly. Each team will play a minimum of 6 matches. Depending on the number of teams, some divisions may play 12 matches.

Sign-Up Deadline: None
Players can register at any time during the season, but must be registered before playing in a match or risk having all games won by the player deleted. Captains are responsible for ensuring all players have been registered before playing. There is a two match minimum to qualify to play at national qualifiers.
What Divisions (levels of play) are offered?
The levels of play being offered are 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, and 4.5.

At this time, at the local league level, we would like players to play at their current level or above, not below. For example, a 4.0 player can play on a 4.0 or 4.5 team, but not on a 3.5 team. We may change this in the future to mirror the way the WTT calculates team ratings at national qualifiers and nationals. See below how the team rating is calculated. If you notice, adding a single 4.0 woman would change the team rating to 4.5.
Determining Team Rating
The average NTRP rating of the top two men and top two women players on your team determines the team rating.
  Joe- 4.5 Mary- 3.5
  Tom- 4.5 Jill-3.5
  Bill- 4.0 Gail- 3.5
  Joe- 4.5 Mary- 3.5
  Jim- 3.5 Joan- 3.0
The best two men and two women are: 4.5 + 4.5 + 3.5 + 3.5 = 16. 16 divided by 4 equals 4.0.
This team could register for the 4.0 division or a higher division. A team consists of a minimum of two men and two women. Although the limit to the number of team members is ten, the suggested number of players is three men and three women. Click here to determine your NTRP level.
Where do we play?
Matches will be played in or around West Los Angeles, such as:

Griffin Country Club, 3084 Motor Avenue, Los Angeles CA 90064
Beverly Hills Tennis Center, 325 S La Cienega Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211
Cheviot Hills Tennis Center, 2551 Motor Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90064
Los Angeles Tennis Club, 5851 Clinton Street, Los Angeles, CA 90004
Marina City Club, 4333 Admiral Way, Marina del Rey, CA 90292
Memorial Park, 1401 Olympic Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90404
Mountaingate Country Club, 12445 Mountaingate Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90049
Mulholland Country Club (if captains agree), 2555 Crest View Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90046
Plummer Park, 1200 N Vista Street, West Hollywood, CA 90046
Roxbury Memorial Park, 471 S Roxbury Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90212
Westchester Tennis Center, 7000 W Manchester Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90045
Westwood Tennis Center, 1350 Sepulveda Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90024
Fox Hills Park, 4117 Overland Ave, Culver City, CA 90230
11430 Woodbine Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90066

Home teams supply the courts. Visiting teams supply two cans of balls. Wilson is the preferred ball of WTT.

Matches will be played week nights from 7 to 9 pm or 8 to 10 pm or as otherwise agreed by both captains.
Why register via the Internet?
You are not an official league participant until you have registered online. When you register via the Internet site you will be e-mailed league information during the season and your WTT Member Benefits (WTT Point of Contact Newsletter, discounts on hotel, rental cars, 2 for 1 tickets, plus more).
What is the cost?
It is $25 to register for a team. Once you register, you will receive an email with a link to pay the registration fee.

Captains may collect money for court fees/balls.

There is a separate team fee for national qualifiers and nationals should your team advance.

League winners qualify for a National Qualifier?
Winning teams advance to the WTT National Qualifiers. Your team is eligible to participate in a NQ for up to one year from the end date of your league. For every four (4) teams in any official World TeamTennis (WTT) local league division, one (1) team will be eligible to participate in a NQ. Click here for more details.
Local League Information & Rules:
WTT West Los Angeles Code of Conduct

Players and their guests are under a duty to encourage and maintain high standards of proper conduct, fair play, and good sportsmanship.

Players are under an obligation to avoid acts that may be considered detrimental to WTT league play or the WTT organization. Detrimental acts include, but are not limited to, the acts listed below:

Physical abuse. Threatening or inflicting bodily injury to anyone.

Verbal abuse.

Visible or audible profanity or obscenity. Using profanity or insulting, abusive, or obscene language in any way that may be heard by any person or using obscene, insulting, or abusive gestures.

Throwing or breaking a racket in a manner that could harm players or spectators.

Cheating. Falsifying scores. Impersonating players.

Players currently suspended or having been suspended within the previous 12 months from the USTA are ineligible to join the league.

Reports of violations will be investigated and may result in a warning, suspension, or removal from the league after consultation with the National Director of the WTT.

If there is rain in the forecast and both captains agree, the match can be played or rescheduled. The league coordinator needs to be told of any reschedules.

In the event one team wants to reschedule and the other team wants to play the home team gets to decide whether or not to play the match provided that 3 hours before the scheduled match start time, there is a 50% or greater chance of rain in the forecast on weather.com for the zip code where the match is to be played.

If a match starts and is stopped because of rain, the match will be rescheduled to a date that is acceptable to both captains. The match should resume with the same players that were present during the original match. If the original players cannot play the rescheduled match, then you may substitute any other players that were registered on the team. You must notify the other captain at least 4 days prior to the match that you intend to do use new players so they may do the same if they want. The original players and scores are entered as played on the original match and new players, if any, are entered as substitutes on the score cards.

If for some reason the match cannot be rescheduled, the team ahead in the score at the time play stopped is given the win. The scores to that point are entered as played. Sets not played are entered as 0-0.

Rescheduled Matches

If both teams have confirmed a match and one team does not show up or calls at the last minute to cancel, the other team has the right to default the team or reschedule the match. If due to a cancellation, the home team incurs a penalty or loses money on the courts, the two captain should come to an agreement that could include the visitors reimbursing the home team or offering to host the rescheduled match. If an agreement cannot be reached, the league coordinator will decide. A team cannot request a reschedule merely because their best players are not available.

Warm Up Time

In general, there is a 5 minute warm up before a match starts and then 5 minutes warm up between sets unless both captains agree to different warm up times. We request all captains be flexible in allowing additional warm up time at the start of a match if requested.

Warm Up Courts

Visiting captains: if you need a warm up court, please ask the home captain to reserve a court for you. Arrange to pay for the warm up court with the home captain.

Home captains: if the visiting team requests a warm up court, please reserve a court for the visiting team, preferable on a court that will be used for the match. If you cannot reserve a warm up court for the visiting team, but your team has a warm up court, please share your court with the visiting team, either half of the court 30 minutes prior to the match or the entire court 15 minutes prior to the match.

If the visiting team does not get a chance to warm up, then the visiting team will have the right to request a 10 minute warm up prior to the start of the match.

Here are the rules for determining a league winner:

The team with the best match record wins. Total team defaults are excluded in the event of a tie. If two teams end the season with the same match record, you first compare the head to head match record, if the two teams played an odd number of matches, such as 3 matches against each other, then the league winner will be the team with the most wins. If the head to head match record is tied, such as 2-2, then you take the total number of head to head games won divided by the total number of head to head games played and the winner is the team with the highest winning game percentage.

At the national qualifier level, they take all games played and not head to head games played if the match head to head is a tie.

If there are 3 teams with the same match record at the end of the season, you take each team's total number of games won during the season divided by the total number of games played during the season to determine a winner. Games won through defaulted sets are not counted as games won or games played.

The rules above should determine the league winner in almost all cases. If not, we will review the situation with the teams involved and determine a solution which may include the playing of a single super tiebreaker to determine the winner.

For more information contact:
Contact Yayomi Kanai at WTTWestLA@gmail.com.
Click on the Registration link at the top of the page to register!